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Council 4727 was founded in January of 1959 and has a strong and proud heritage of service to Arlington and the greater Jacksonville, FL area.  The Grand Knight for 2015-2016 is Steve Bell. You can contact the Knights by phone at 904-723-3810, or contact our Grand Knight by email at
Grand Knight's Welcome Letter

The Bishop W. Thomas Larkin Council consists of active participants in Resurrection and Christ the King Parishes in Jacksonville, FL, and works hard to provide funds for various projects in our local community.

Regular Council Business Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month beginning at 7pm. We meet at our Council Hall 6030 Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville, FL. Ph: 904-608-5135 Get a map to our hall HERE.

An Open House for interested men and their families is held the 3rd Tuesday of every month beginning at 7pm.  RSVP to Steve Bell or Mark Gregorio. See linked flier for more details.

The 4th Tuesday of each month is reserved for an Open Family Meeting Night or a Degree Exemplification.  

Please see our Annual Calendar for more detail.

Oct 1 - Holy Rosary Procession & Mass - CTK 8:00am
Oct 1 - 3rd Degree, Ocala, Council 5960 1:00pm
Oct 2 - CTK donuts 7:00 and 9:00am
Oct 2 - Corporate Communion/Recruitment - Resurrection 8:30am
Oct 7 - Family Spirituality Night - Potluck 6:30pm
Oct 8 - ACA Cleanup 8:00am
Oct 8 -Holy Rosary Procession & Mass - CTK 8:00am
Oct 8 -Reina Praxadas Fundraising to enter Convent 6:00pm
Oct 9 - Mini Golf Tournament 1:00pm details here
Oct 11 - ACA meeting and Council Buisiness Mtg 7:00pm
Oct 11 - K'Cee Business Meeting 7:00pm
Oct 15 - Road Cleanup 8:00am
Oct 15 - Soccer Challenge, Resurrection 8:30am
Oct 15 - Doc Broome Benefit Ball CTK Gym 5:00pm BUY TICKETS HERE
Oct 16 - Squires Meeting 1:30pm
Oct 18 - Open House & Committee Meetings 6:30pm
Oct 18 - CTK Honor Roll Breakfast 6:00am
Oct 18 - Officer's Meeting 8:00pm
Oct 22 - 3rd Degree, Jacksonville, Council 10850 1:00pm
Oct 25 - 1st Degree 8:00pm (candidate call 7:00pm)
Oct 28 - PBJ's for Soup Kitchen 6:00pm
Nov 1 - Bishop Estevez in Solidarity for 40 days at Woman's Choice on University Blvd 2:00pm
Nov 4 - 40 Days for Life State Rally Site, University Blvd 12:00pm
Nov 5 -Knights of the Brotherly Care - Resurrection 8:00am
Nov 5 -Annual Memorial Mass at CTK 4:00pm
Nov 6 - Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs 1:00pm
Nov 6 - CTK donuts 7:00 and 9:00am
Nov 8 - Business Meeting 7:00pm
Nov 8 - K'Cee Business Meeting 7:00pm
Nov 12 - Road Cleanup 8:00am
Nov 12 - Bunco Knight 6:30pm
Nov 15 - Charity Presentation Dinner 6:30pm
Nov 20 - Squires Meeting 1:30pm
Nov 22 - Open House & Committee Meetings 6:30pm
Nov 22 - Officer's Meeting 8:00pm
Nov 25-26 - 4th Degree Exemplification, Orlando
Nov 27 - Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills 1:00pm
Nov 29 - 2nd Degree (candidate call 7:00pm)
Oct 18 - CTK Honor Roll Breakfast 6:00am
Annual Calendar | 4 Month Calendar
Grand Knights Report

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Recent Events
2016 Golf Tournament
May 1, 2016
2016 Squires Spaghetti Dinner
April 2, 2016
2016 Easter Egg Hunt
March 26, 2016
2016 Religious Appreciation Dinner
February 5, 2016
2016 Freethrow Competition
January 30, 2016
2016 Winterfest - Resurrection
January 30, 2016
2016 Charity Dinner
January 27, 2016
Past Events
Knight of the Month
October 2016 - Our Knight of the Month continues to get better with age. This is his third year running one of regular and more difficult events. In his first year I wondered whether or not I had put too much on him. He did a good job, but in his second year he excelled and turned in one of the best results for this event in some time. The results for this third year are not yet in but given the increase in participation this year and an increase in locations, I have no doubt that our 2016 Tootsie Roll Drive will be a good one. Please join me in congratulating Scott Lutheran our Knight of the Month!
Past Knights of the Month
Family of the Year - 2015-2016
Robert Roldan

We are pleased to nominate the Roldan Family for our Family of the Year.  This family is an outstanding example of true Catholicity and wholesome family values.
Within the Knights of Columbus, Robert has held a few positions, the most important of which has been his role of Lecturer. Upon accepting this role, he was charged by the Grand Knight with enhancing the spirituality of our business meetings and our council as a whole.  Robert has stepped in when our Chaplain is absent to deliver Spiritually themed inspirational messages.  He has initiated a “Prayer Bowl” in which each member draws another members name and commits to praying for that member for the next month.


Family of the Month
October 2016 - Our Family of the Month last month is not very active in our Council. Our Family of the Month for THIS month I must confess has not been to a Knights event in my recollection. However, he and his family are very active in spreading the love of Christ to as many people as they can. Each of them have kind and loving hearts and there is not anything I believe, that they would not do for someone in need. They are both very modest so I will not embarrass them by going into detail about their kindness. For those of you who know them you will not be surprised about this month’s Family of the Month – Bob and Sylvia Chapman.
Past Families of the Month
Knight of the Year - 2015-2016
Theo Naessens

Our Knight of the Year truly exemplifies service to his fellow man.  This Brother Knight studied dutifully under the tutelage of a more senior Brother Knight and stepped into his shoes to ease his burden.   Theo Naessens worked with both John Porter and Frank Becht in ministering to our Brother Knights and their families who are not able to get out as they would like.  They feel cut off and out of touch.  Through the Knights of Brotherly Care these men demonstrate the Spirit of Unity.  They put their faith into action on a daily basis.  Theo has headed up the Knights of Brotherly Care